PeWeTools Quick change tool holder accord to system Multifix


As they say! Small but nice! We are highly specialized in measuring systems for machine tools (lathes, milling and drilling machines) and quick-change holder systems (according to the Multifix system). We serve our customers worldwide and they are active in almost all industries. Among our customers are for example companies in the USA, which produce for NASA and the air force, as well as people in extraordinary positions like B. the director of the University Technology Centre for Solid Mechanics Department of Engineering Science University of Oxford Great Britain…but also of course private people “like you and me”

Design features and special features of our quick-change systems that distinguish our products from the rest of the market.

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System sizes

From Aaa, the world’s smallest quick-change toolholder system, to Aa, Ab, AS, A, E, B, C and D1/D2, we can cover all sizes

Holder variants

This is twice as many as all other suppliers worldwide combined.

From parting holders, turning tool holders, boring bar holders and many more, we offer the right quick-change tool holder for almost every application.

Hardness guarantee

For each set AS to D2 purchased from us, you will receive a hardness test report for the base body and for a holder.

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