Vernier caliper SINO 300 mm, IP54


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Usually, for cost reasons, only a cardboard material with a meandering structure (which is located under the plastic film and looks like two interlocked combs) is etched and serves as a basis for generating the signal. It’s different with us: for the stabilization of the signal and to improve the accuracy, our slides have a glass scale.

  • splash-proof (IP54) according to DIN40050 / IEC 60529
  • external output (compatible with Mitutoyo) to transfer data from
  • measurement to a radio transmitter / receiver or cable box, eg Office programs on your PC
  • better accuracy than the DIN862 finge
  • Measuring the finely ground and lapped surfaces
  • suitable for internal, external and depth measurements as it is an absolute measurement system, the speed of movement is unlimited


  • vernier caliper
  • storage box
  • Battery C2032
  • user manual

Additional information

Weight 0,760 kg
Nominal dimensions

300 mm

measuring range

0 – 300 mm

Fehlergrenze max.

0.02 mm (DIN862 allowed 0.03mm)


3V (Battery C2032)